Our Story

We started Gravity Fashion as an experiment in 2010 to evaluate demand of Indian Ethnic Wears in UK. Within a short period of time this experimental website started receiving orders and we had nothing to sell at that moment. These few initial orders motivated us so much that we decided to start selling Indian Garments Online.

We revamped website in 2011, partnered with suppliers and manufacturers in India and soon we were selling real sarees, salwar suits, anarkali dresses and lehengas. Gravity Fashion is a child of an IT company Gravity Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Gravity Informatics provide eCommerce services to it's customers in UK, Europe & USA. We have learnt alot while providing eCommerce services to our customers ranging from a startup to multi million companies. Experience gained while working with our eCommerce clients has been used to operate Gravity Fashion now.

By the end of year 2012 we had more than 5000 designs in our website and now there are more than 15000 outfits and we keep adding new designs every day. We have now Kurta Pajama, Indo western outfits, Safa, Wedding dupatta, Mojri and Kolhapuri chappal in Men's section.

In June 2014 we launched new version of the website that is tablet and mobile friendly. In last 3 years we have learnt a lot from our customers. Customers are our teacher and they keep teaching us. We are grateful to our teachers that because of them we are learning and improving our mistakes. Our customers are patient and allowing us time to learn and fix mistakes. And every repeat customer builds our confidence that we are on right track. We want to be happy and we can only be happy when our customers are happy and satisfied.

We are a small team of 7 people in Surat. Hiren Patel: who gives us bigger vision and share his 13 years of IT, eCommerce and Customer support experience with us. Sunil Kapoor: who provides his technical support to make sure our website is running 24x7. Suresh Nagar: who manages fulfilment, customer support and day to day operations. Pranav: who make sure that new products are added into website on timely manner he also assist us in customer support, Meghna and Vivek: edit photos, make prodcut details, upload new products and manage stock. Vivek make sure he assist us for packing and dispatching on time. Hanif Bhai: he is the man who make sure when you receive your custom stitched outfit you get it perfect. He stitches the dresses for you. We argue, we fight, we learn and we share. We argue and fight with each other if we are not satisfied with a product's quality. We closely check each outfit and ask if we have any doubt. Many time we spend hours finishing outfit although a supplier and manufacturers claim to provide us finished outfit but many time the little threads are not trimmed, stones or sequines are not glued properly. Some time customer wants extra fabric and Vivek make sure he visit each shop or local seller until he finds it. We are not discouraged when customer is not happy but we take it as case study and improve on it. This is a very lively team where we enjoy working every day. And lastly our suppliers, manufacturers, logistic partners, bank, payment providers and our marketing team they all are wonderful people.

Every Saturday morning we spare one hour to talk & discuss about improving our lives. We all read books. We feel gratitude for each other, nature, our office, neighbors, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, people who make these beautiful outfits, logistic partners, banks, accountants, payment gateway, google, facebook, twitter, laptops, pcs, internet and service providers, food and all little things that makes it possible to live another day and serve the humanity. This makes it possible for us to truly be part of global community & motivate us to serve you. We feel proud that through this little community of 7 we are able to make so many lives happier and fulfilled (and some are sad but we are improving). From last 6 months every Saturday we have our very own 1 hour and in these 6 months our lives have improved many folds.

We love what we do and enjoy every moment at work every day.

So this is our story. A story of small enthusiast living being who strive to learn, share and make this world a better place. And we are so grateful to all our customers and associates who are giving us such a great opportunity to serve you.

Thank you & lot of love

Gravity Team.

Hiren, Sunil, Suresh, Pranav, Meghna, Vivek & Hanif Bhai.







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