Ethnic Wear Goes Fashionable

Fashion has travelled a long distance from the era of the Eve to the modern day Bollywood beauties. From the time when women were only meant to handle the kitchen and domestic life and have no individual identity of their own, to the present times when women are smartly handling both domestic and career life with due care and responsibility, their dressing sense too has changed from the traditional drape to the contemporary designer sari.

Previously, the traditional Indian society was divided into different castes, cultures and tribes. While each of these tribes and cultures had their own way of dressing, women were not allowed to dress up according to the norms and styles of some other culture. For example, South Indian women were not allowed to wear salwar kameez, which is a Punjabi woman’s dress and Punjabi women could not wear ghagra choli which is basically a Rajasthani and Gujarati outfit for women.

Lengha choli

Similarly, the purpose of clothing was to cover the woman’s body from top to bottom unlike the western wear which focuses on revealing and highlighting the best features of a woman’s silhouette. As women have evolved from their traditional role of a nurturer to a career woman with an active social life, fashion too has evolved to assimilate the features and styles of different cultural groups and their dressing styles.

Today, ethnic wear is not limited to the traditional sari, salwar kameez, or lengha choli but contains a unique blend of different designer wear under the impact of the west and other cultures. Ethnic wear has thus transformed into the new stylish wear for fashion savvy modern girls under the hands of the new age fashion designers.

Today, we have the latest lengha style saris which offer an interesting fusion of the traditional lengha with designer sari to present an excellent party wear option for those girls who want to look different and unique on special occasions. Moreover, there are ready pleated saris for women who are always on the go and are pressed for time to wear their favorite ethnic wear.

Lengha choli too under the impact of western gowns and skirts has taken the new shape of fish tail lengha which is tight at the top and has flares at the bottom just like a fish tail. These are mostly worn with designer cholis with noodle straps or backless designs for an ultra chic look. Thus while women today follow the fashion and trends of the west, they have not completely discarded their traditional wear. In fact fashion has unleashed a new creative way of expression. It promotes the positive pride of every individual tribe and heritage, while making one look different, trendy and graceful.

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