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  • Women eat 6lb lipstick which is made of fish scale in their entire life-time.
  • Average women used to color their teeth in the 16th century Italy.
  • During the 19th century, designers did not have enough funds for hiring models to show their creation on ramps, so they used little dolls for this purpose.
  • Elias Howe was the inventor of the first American-patented sewing machine.
  • It’s a proven fact now that henna is not only popular among this age women, but it has been in use since centuries for beauty purposes. Egyptian women used it to lighten their hair color.
  • In the starting of film industry in India, when women were not allowed to enter the industry, men dressed up like women to play the female roles or characters. It was a man, Salunke, who acted as Taramati in India’s first feature film “Raja Harishchandra”.
  • Queen Elizabeth was fond of hats so much that she made it compulsory for every woman to wear hat. There was heavy fine for those women who refused to wear it.
  • Manish Malhotra was the first fashion designer who always read the film script before designing the costumes for the film.
  • In 1916, producer D.W Griffith was the inventor of artificial eyelashes. He introduced false eyelashes in his movie, ‘Intolerance’. These eye lashes were made of human hair.
  • The clothing which was introduced in 1920’s to 1960’s is known as vintage period clothing.
  • In the 15th century, pregnancy was a fashion statement among women. Even those women who were not pregnant used to put pillow cases under their clothes to show an illusion of the baby bump.
  • The first sewing machine needles were made of bones or wood.
  • In ancient India, widows wore white ‘suttee’ Sarees in funerals.
  • Calabria prince, Philip had a strange fascination for gloves. He used to wear 16 pairs of gloves at a time.

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