Six Salwar Kameez Tips to Look Hot and Stylish in Different Salwar Kameez Designs

Women love wearing different dresses for different occasions. They love to dress up and look good for any given occasion for function. No wonder, they desire to have a large wardrobe collection of different outfits in different designs to fulfill all their tastes and desires.

One of the ethnic Indian outfit that occupies the most space in any Indian woman’s wardrobe is salwar Kameez. Being the most comfy and the most flexible outfit, it certainly deserves a special and large space in every girl’s closet.

Although, a large variety of designer salwar kameez are available in different designs and different fabrics, simply buying and collecting a lot of punjabi salwar suits from the market is just not enough. You should also know the art of selecting and carrying a salwar kameez to best describe your personality and bodytype inorder to look hot ands attractive in the same.

So here are some tips that can help you pick and select the right salwar kameez for yourself:

Watch the Length:

Longer length Kameez are not just in fashion but also have a tendency to make one look tall and slim. While, your kameez should always be a few inches longer than your knees, if you are a short or petite woman, ensure that is not longer than ankle length for an attractive look.

Churidar or Salwar:

Another thought that often crosses the mond often while purchasing or getting a salwar kameez designed is whether to go in for churidar bottom or a lose draw string bottom, i.e. salwar. While, both are in fashion and equally look good, the golden rule of the thumb to chose between the two is always go in for a salwar with short kurtas and always prefer a churidar with a long kameez.


Despite, the latest rage for fabrics like net, tissue, and organza, try to avoid them if you happen to be a little more heavier side of the scale. Rather you can go in for equally stylish fabrics like crepe, chiffon, silk and geogette for a flattering appeal. While, most fabrics look good on slim women, very thin women should avoid materials that have a tendency to stick to the body like crepe and chiffon.


Sleeves or Sleeveless:

Many women get confused about whether to have sleeves or go sleeveless with their salwar kameez to look good and attractive. While, its completely a point of personal taste, preference and personality, one good tip to keep in mind would be to always go in for half or full sleeves if you happen to have fatty arms to give you a trimmer and neat look. Also avoid going for puffed sleeven if you have broad shoulders.


Although, dark colors like maroon, red, blue or green are not just slimming but look good on most women, whether fair or dusky, avoid very dark colors if you happen to have extremely fair or dusky complexion. However, if you are on the slimmer side and have a fair complexion, pastel colors such as peach, lilac, pink, aqua, or soft green can make you look very appeasing andf charming.

Design or Style:

Last but not the least, you should be very careful of the designing of your salwar kameez. While, there are a number of salwar kameez designs available like anarakalis, A-shape suits, short kurtis, Asymmetrical salwar kameez, chinese neck long kameezand long kurtas with plazzos, the designing and style of your salwar kameez perfectly depends on your style personality and body type.

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