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Bang your look for Night Out by Yourself

Posted on25. Jul, 2012 by .


We are living in 21st century where Fashion has become a fad. We listen to the theories that say ‘Fashion is creates by designers’. The theory is not more the same today. Now, every person is fashionable in his own way. We create style by our self. Every woman is designer on her own as [...]

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Indian Trendy Blouses of the Year 2011

Posted on18. May, 2012 by .


Saree is the traditional garment of India. In 21st century with the change in the fashion trend, the draping style of saree too has changed. Now women love to experiment with their blouses and their draping style. They follow the latest trends set by the beautiful and famous bollywood divas and like to dress-up like them. [...]

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