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A coin like oval shaped button forms an important element of the garment. A single element in the garment enhances the entire beauty of the attire. Buttons are also known as the eyes of the garment. Buttons come in different shapes and different patterns.

Today, a vast variety and designs of buttons are available in the market. Some of these are even made from clay material. Button lovers can learn the art of designing and making buttons for themselves.

Trendy Buttons In Dress

Trendy Buttons In Dress

So girls, if you happen to have a fascination for this integral part of the garments, you can paint your own buttons using adirondak brand alcohol inks after then clay varnish to give them a new look and design.

You can also use these buttons in many other creative ways like in bracelets, armlets, neck-pieces and earrings. I have a special bracelet made from the buttons in a unique and amazing pattern. Whenever, I go out wearing that bracelet, it always gets me noticed among the gatherings for my chic fashion taste.

Embellished Buttons to Look Stylish

Embellished Buttons to Look Stylish

These days, buttons are used in ethnic wear as well such as in tunics, latest design men’s kurtas and sometimes in the back falls of Salwar. Stylish buttons can also be used in men’s Kurta Pajama such as on the neck, shoulders and sleeves of the sherwani to enhance its looks.

You can also use Chinese buttons as embellishments to accessorize the look of your garments. These buttons are cheaper than the traditional ones and look classy as well. So girls, go ahead and add eyes to your garments for that stylish and trendy looks.

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