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5 Reasons to buy from Gravity Fashion

Reason 1: You are very special for us

You do not want to be treated as an ordinary customer because you are a very special human being so do we are. Here at Gravity Fashion you will never receive automated template-based emails (apart from order confirmation and other order related emails generated by website :) )

Therefore you interact with Human not machines when you are at Gravity Fashion. You are very special being to us, we care that you look special and fabulous in your Outfits purchased from Gravity Fashion.

Reason 2: Value for Money

At Gravity Fashion, we care about your hard earned money. Because we work hard to earn money and we do not want to spend money on things which are cheaper than it's value. We do not publish different prices for different countries, for us every human being on this planet is equal. We do not try to rip off money by showing higher prices in US, UK or other developed countries.

At Gravity Fashion, it is guaranteed that you will get full or over value for your money because we deliver great outfits on time, every time along with friendly & prompt customer service.

Reason 3: No Obligations

Things might go wrong & you do not want to be answering tens of questions before you return your dresses.

You want to be free to make decisions after you get a special quote from us, we will never bug you to buy from us.

At Gravity Fashion, there are no hidden policies. If you are not satisfied due to any reason or no reason, return your outfit, we will give you a full refund (except return shipping). 

No restocking fee, no payment gateway charges deducted.

Or you, changed your mind before you received outfit and want to cancel it.

Or you have questions about dress

You can always ask as many questions you want. We will never force you to buy from us.

Our customer support team is not selling, they are here to help you. For more information please read our full return and refund policy.

Reason 4: No Nightmares

You do not want in a nightmare situation for your wedding or special occasion. Buying Indian Dresses online could put you in nightmare situations if it is not delivered on time or quality & fitting is not proper. You now have nothing to wear and you rush to buy an alternate outfit at a higher cost while you do not have much time to do shopping.

Or there is any other problem with an outfit or you want to know how to wear it.

At Gravity Fashion we care about you, therefore we will answer all your questions, we will help you wear it if required. We will be there to resolve any fitting related issues.

We will be there to make sure you are never in Nightmare situation no matter what hour of day or night it is you can call us or whatsapp.

How ever being human we too make mistakes and we accept it. 

Reason 5: We are Reliable  

For us at Gravity Fashion we believe that we become part of your family, when you feel proud and get compliments for your outfits purchased from Gravity Fashion, we feel proud too. Therefore we take the pain to make sure that our commitments are fulfilled.  

We are reliable and trustworthy, that is why some of our customers has shared their experience (un-edited) at independent review websites called TrustedCompany.com

Our Promise

It is our promise to you that we will stand by our commitments in every situation. Being human we have made mistakes too and improved on it. With your support and co-operation we will be able to give you great outfits and services.

If you have any questions you can contact us here.

Read what our customers are saying about us.

Please note that these are un-edited reviews given by our customers at third party website trustedcompany.com 

No one at Gravity Fashion or TrustedCompany can edit these reviews (unless it is fake reviews), therefore you can be sure that these are genuine reviews. And we work very hard to earn each review.

Gravity Fashion on Holi 2016

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