10 Popular Kurtis Designs Explained

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Dont know when to wear Kurti and what style?

Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you identify 10 most popular kurtis designs for various occasions.

Kurti has been like a savior for Indian women for a long time. Whether you want to dress it up for the party or tone it down for the office, Kurtis are versatile enough to be your best friend for all seasons and any reason.

A kurti is super comfortable, so that is a major plus as well given the weather that we live in, this attire is very promising. There is no age for wearing a kurti, and your mom looks just as elegant in it as you do.

You can wear it with legging, palazzo or jeans and you are all set to rock the occasion. But before you go ahead to add more Kurtis to your collection, take a look at these ten popular Kurti designs that suit all occasions.

1. Trail cut Kurtis

red kurti, trail cut kurtis

Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/513973376206078063/

The trail cut Kurtis are best avoided if you are going to a formal event. It looks great on a petite, hourglass, triangle, and pear-shaped bodies. The chubby women can give this one a miss and look for other options on the list.

2. Maxi Kurtis

maxi style kurti

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/388224430358642387/

Maxi Kurti is everyone’s favorite. It is a long kurti that reach up to the ankle. They are great a choice for semi-formal and formal occasions. You can pick out a simple monotone one or go for the cool new Ombré shade.

The best part about this design is that it will add inches to your height and contrary to popular misconception, even the petite women can wear it with ease.

Pair it up with a small clutch and silver jhumkas, and you are good to go.

3. Shirt style Kurtis

shirt style kurtis

Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/kAq7UT0E4yA/maxresdefault.jpg

Bring out the tomboy inside you with the shirt style Kurtis.

These designs generally come with full sleeves, shirt collar, and buttons in front. You can roll up the sleeves till the cuff, in most designs.

Shirt style Kurtis are available in varied lengths and you can stack up a couple of these for daily office wear.

It suits all body types and looks amazing when paired up with skinny jeans or flared skirts.

4. High slit Kurtis

high slit kurti

source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/693695148823665815/

Remember Anushka Sharma dancing a storm wearing a red high slit Kurti in ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’?

The slit Kurti has been trending since that song came out. Go for a side slit like Anushka or a front slit what ever you prefer. The length of the slit depends upon your level of comfort.

Make sure you choose jeggings or denim as bottom wear to go with high slit Kurtis.

It is the ideal kurti to wear when you are out celebrating with your buddies.

5. Low-high Kurtis

low high kurti


This one is a variation of asymmetrical kurti and bears a resemblance to the trail cut Kurtis.

The only difference is that it features a straight hemline which is not necessarily something you find in trail cuts.

It suits curvy and chubby women really well.

Wear it with printed leggings or treggings to look like a picture of perfection for all occasions.

6. Anarkali Kurtis

anarkali kurti

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/540572761500387046/

Any list of Kurtis remains incomplete without a mention of this classics of Indian ethnic wear.

The Anarkali Kurtis are the go-to choice for all the traditional occasions, right from marriage to festivals.

A legging, either ankle or full length, complete the look for an Anarkali kurti. The great thing about these Kurtis is that they suit all body types and heights.

You can jazz it up for the parties or dress it down for daily wear.

7. Dhoti style Kurtis

Dhoti Kurti

Source: http://fashionpro.me/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/0.jpg

With the dhoti pants, dress, and saris already ruling the fashion scene, can dhoti Kurtis be far behind?

The dhoti style kurti can be called the contemporary version of the traditional attire. It comes with cowl cut design right at the hemline.

It is the style that will surely make heads turn at the parties.

Since these are almost ruffled at the bottom, it is best to skip wearing dhoti pants with these and instead opt for leggings.

8. A-line Kurtis

a-line kurti

Source: https://www.ritukumar.com/yellow-a-line-kurti

The A-line Kurtis are the outfit of choice if you are chubby or have a bit of flab around the waist. These Kurtis are fitted around the bodice and flared from the waist and that resembles the shape of the letter ‘A.’

This design effectively hides the flab. All you need with an A-line Kurtis is contrast leggings, flats, and pretty earrings and your look is ready.

9. Layered Kurtis

layered kurti

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/627337423063405752/

Want something different from your conventional Kurtis designs?

Go for layered Kurtis in the brightest hues like orange, red, or yellow. The layered Kurtis are simple long or straight cut Kurtis and the only difference is that they come with an extra layer at the hemline.

These look fab with cigarette pants or leggings. Depending on the embroidery or motif work on it, you can wear a layered kurti both at the office and parties.

10. Tiered Kurtis

Tiered Kurti

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/862087553640982022/

The design of a tiered Kurtis makes you think of a multi-tiered cake.

These Kurtis do not have any slit and generally contain two colors which appear as alternative panels. Choosing a tiered kurti can be tricky because, without the use of the right fabric, these can look sloppy and dated.

Also, though bright colors look beautiful, do not get numerous colors in a tiered kurti as that looks too loud to be good.

Does your current collection of Kurtis contain these designs? If not, then go ahead and get a couple of these designs to amplify your ethnic style quotient.

If you like the suggestions given in this article, please share it with your friends.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below!

All the best!

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    The latest trend is kurtis with front slits that has really captured the entire kurtis market. Even the full kurtis with tassles is something that has catched the trend gradually. Thanks for sharing this wonderful trend post.

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