11 Things to Consider before Buying Bridal Lengha Online

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Are you getting married?

Are you planning to buy Bridal Lengha?

Do you live in US, UK, Canada, Australia or anywhere else outside India or Pakistan? You must not have that many choices of designs in bridal lehengas.

In this case you have an option to go online. But there might be number of questions and distrust about online seller like:

  • How to choose right seller for you?
  • How can you trust an online seller?
  • Will you get what you order?
  • Will you get good customer service?
  • What happens if you do not like the outfit you ordered or color is different?
  • What if it does not fit you?

There could be number of questions and based on our experience at Gravity Fashion we have prepared a check list for you to purchase your wedding outfits online with confidence.


Before you set a budget for your bridal outfit spend some time to research. Create a word file, save pictures of the outfits you like, along with store / website name and price.

Once you think you have pretty good Idea about what you like and price, review your file again.

Remove those outfits that you do not like any more, this way you can keep your list short and precise.

Now looking at your sheet you might get good Idea about price of outfit that fits into your wedding theme and your personal choice and you can now set a budget for your bridal outfit.

Pre-stitched or Unstitched

If you are buying online the biggest concern could be that will you get correct fitting?

If you have a local seamstress available then always prefer it, because you can try it and get proper fitting done.

Of course this will include travelling time, booking appointment with seamstress and cost of travels plus expensive stitching cost.

If design of lehenga is complicated it may need plenty of adjustments and that could add up into total cost of getting it stitched from your local seamstress.

Alternative could be get it stitched from seller in India, most of online sellers offer stitching service and prices could be from $20 to $50. How ever you will not have option to try it, and if it does not fit you properly, you will be either returning it (Which most of sellers do not accept for stitched outfits, but Gravity Fashion offer full refund on stitched outfits too.) or get it fixed from local tailor.

In anyway all these will add more stress to your existing wedding preparation stress.

Therefore it is time to be smart, before you order your bridal lengha online,  order a cheap, very cheap lehenga from the online seller you want to purchase your bridal outfit from (Below you will find more how you can choose right seller). Get it stitched from them and now you can try the fitting of dress when you receive it.

Note: To get correct measurements visit a tailor in your area or ask some one to measure you who have done it in the past. This will reduce chances of errors.

If it does not fit you properly, consult seller or local seamstress and figure out what is wrong, did seller stitched it wrongly, did they understood your measurements correctly or did you sent correct measurements? There could be number of reasons for improper fitting.

But this will all help you get perfect fitting for your wedding outfit.


Do you know there are quite few styles of Lehenga. Following is list:

  • Mermaid style
  • Straight cut
  • A-line, Traditional
  • Flared
  • Gown style

So how do you know which style is correct for you?

Every person have different body type and height. Based on your body type and shape the style of your lehenga should be chosen.

Here is a detailed post about how to chose correct lehenga style for your body type.

Fabric for your lehenga

Choosing a right fabric for your bridal lengha is very important.

There are plenty of different type of fabrics available:

  • Jacquard
  • Velvet
  • Brocade
  • Silk
  • Raw Silk
  • Net
  • Satin
  • Georgette

For heavy work, georgette and chiffon may not be suitable.

Brocade or jacquard could give you a royal look with self-weaving golden patterns, you can embellish it with outlines of beads, zardosi and sprinkly sequins and stones.

Consult a designer if available or contact the online seller of bridal lehengas who can assist you in selecting right fabric for you.

Weather could also play an important role, e.g. velvet could be suitable for winters but it can make you sweat during summer.

Work and Pattern Designs

This refers to the embroidery or embellishments done on your bridal outfit. Ideally, the work on your dress should neither be too heavy to look gaudy or subdue your jewellery nor too light to make your bridal dress look like a normal party lehenga.

Try to mix design with embroidery and embellish it with pearls, zardosi, stones, crystals, sequins etc. Embellishment with Embroidery will make your lehenga light weight, more jardosi and embellishments you use, your outfit will become heavier.

You should also take your jewellery, footwear, hair style and make up into consideration before deciding on the work on your bridal attire.

Lehenga Colour

This totally depends on personal choice. Although, the latest trend is for non traditional colors like:

  • Pista
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Magenta
  • Off-white
  • Cream
  • Hot pink
  • Blue

Many brides still swear by the traditional Crimson, Red and Maroon for the auspiciousness of these colors for the bridal attire.

If you are not ruled by any strict conventions or beliefs, you can easily go for the latest trends or pick a color that best compliments your skin and complexion.

Different screens could result in different shades of colour. If possible ship a colour shade like piece of fabric, paper or anything that has same shade of color you want for your lehenga. This would not cost you more than $20-$30 but you can avoid disappointment.

Length of Lehenga

Ideally the lengha should be long enough to cover your footwear, in designs like mermaid style, straight cut etc. The length can be adjusted to show your heels for an appealing look.

Many brides today after following the vintage fashion trend prefer gown style lehengas with floor sweeping fabric. So you must consider the length vis-a-vis your height before buying a lehenga.

Time of Ordering

Time of ordering is extremely important. You must order your dress well in advance leaving sufficient time for any changes, alterations, or specifications required for fitting, design, style, length and work of your lengha.

If you are getting your lehenga custom made we suggest you take at least 2 months in account.

Return policy of seller

What happens when you do get surprised when you get your bridal dress and do not like it?

Is there a return policy?

You must carefully read the return, exchange and shipping policy of the online shopping store before making your online purchase to avoid any last minute mess, misunderstanding or hassles.

How ever you will not prefer to have any chances of return after waiting for long time to get your dress.

If you have time, before you order your bridal outfit, try to order another cheap outfit, once you receive it email seller or call them that you want to return it. See what they says and does their statement matches with what is mentioned in return policy.

How easily they accept returns and how much they will refund you.

Also ask the seller that do they accept return on custom made lehenga or bridal outfits?

Refund policy

In the unlikely event that you may need to return the outfits you will seek refund. First thing first never send it back using non track-able shipping service.

Find out within how many days you will get refund.

What will be mode of refund. If you paid using credit, debit card or paypal this could be straight forward and you will receive refund in original mode of payment you used to make purchase.

But if you have sent payment using western union, money gram or other money transfer service getting refund could be difficult. If you are making payment by this mode, please confirm with seller about refund method and will there be additional charges to make refund.
Also note that no one can use money transfer service in India to make payment overseas, therefore you may not get it back from western union etc.

Authenticity of seller

You must ensure that you buy your bridal lengha from a reliable and trustworthy online seller.

Following is list of suggestions that you should try before you place order:

  • Check name and address

    google it and see if you can find the location on google map.

  • Verify Phone numbers

    Call seller few times and verify if some one is there to answer phone calls

  • Know about seller

    You should read about us section, many companies do not bother about writing about us. But if written this can give you some insights. e.g.

  • Is it corporate style

    e.g. if they write about mission, vision etc. and writing appears too formal.
    Large organizations may be less flexible and could not make exceptions for you.

  • Is it friendly

    do they write about people working in organization? Is it informal writing?
    This type of organization can be flexible and work closely with you to meet your expectations.

  • Who owns the website
    • Check who owns the website. You can check it using whois service like Dr. Whois. Just enter the website name like: gravity-fashion.com do not use www or http://
      This will show you details about owner, address and contact details.
      Many companies hide their whois information, but this is an optional tool to verify the seller.
  • Return Policy

    Make sure you are comfortable with return policy, if any doubt contact seller.

  • Contact details of seller

    Is contact details mentioned clearly? Or seller is hiding contact details and only offer you a contact form?
    Do not trust company that hides their contact details.

  • Dont be blinded by fake reviews

    You can read plenty of fake reviews on seller’s website about how good the service is, how quickly they received, how much they loved the outfit, and they will buy from them again and recommend recommend them etc. etc.If you ask your self how will you leave a good testimonial or feedback to others, that will give you the answer.If testimonials or reviews on seller’s website does not motivate you, try to google for “SELLER NAME Reviews” e.g. “Gravity Fashion Reviews”You should also search for review websites where users can post genuine feedback or reviews and seller can not edit it.Few of these independent review websites are:

Caution: Try to identify overly appreciative reviews. Many sellers ask their own staff to leave reviews from different mail IDs.

Try to contact seller through email and phone and figure and find out does seller respond within acceptable time frame?


Wedding being one of the most important occasion of your life, do not leave it up to last moment for your bridal lehenga or other wedding outfits.

Start preparations 4-5 months in advance and order your bridal lehenga 3 months prior to wedding.

Contact seller, know their policies get yourself comfortable with support team and this will save you time.

Get your measurements correct, wrong measurements could result in stressful returns, refunds and dealing with alterations.

Let your finale of wedding be gorgeous and jaw dropping do not give up and if required contact us no matter if you are our customer or just need advice, we are always here for you.

Do you think I missed anything? Let me and everyone else know in a comment below.

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