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An insightful post about Sari by Taslima Nasrin

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I came across this very insightful article about sari by Taslima Nasrin. Taslima is a Bangladeshi Author. She began this article about new ideas to wear saree, petticoat and blouses. And then she moved to origin of sari, she wrote:

Back then the term sari was not used, it was called a sattika. The sanskrit word sattika gave way to sati, sati to sadi, and finally sadi became sari.

Thats great piece of information I think.

She beautifully moved on to the ego and mind of the people for their obscenity about cloths and sexuality. She is very right. And the closing part was very insightful when she wrote:

We were born in a tiny planet among billions of planets suspended in empty space. Through billions of years of evolution we have emerged from single celled organisms. Some day, we too will become extinct, much like countless other species. The universe is not concerned with the clothes on our backs; the only ones concerned are a few women-hating, despicable people.

To read this full article click here.

To read more about Taslima, visit her blog.

Sari is still a most beautiful attire in the world and women have been loving it from thousand of years and continue loving sarees.

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