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Turbans are mostly loved by both men and women of all age groups. It has become a new age unisexual head accessory. While some people tend to wear turbans as a symbol of their culture and religion, many young people today wear it as a chic accessory to stylize their looks. These turbans are made from different fabric materials like starched muslin and cotton silk.

Turbans Of India Worn by Celebs

Turbans Of India Worn by Celebs

In India, turbans are most popular in Punjab and Rajasthan. People of pink city wear the leheriya, or wave turban, a patterned turban especially worn during the monsoon season. They wear panchrang or five-color turban for celebrations; and the more simply designed bundi, or small dot patterned, and mothro, or small square patterned turbans for serious, somber occasions.

Latest Dulha Turbans Designs

Latest Dulha Turbans Designs

However, as turban as become a symbol of style and class, today apart from men, many women too wear turbans made from light weight fabrics and neutrals shades. Many women also prefer to use dark and bright shades for turbans. Also, it has been found that women of many different cultures and tribes wore turbans in routine as casual wear. This is particularly true for women of Muslims; American and European countries who tend to wear turbans even today to follow their cultural trend.

Today mostly many young men wear turbans on special occasions to enhance their looks and be an eye candy among the gathering. Turbans too have undergone tremendous change to become a trendy accessory item for young men and women. These are now embellished with different broche and decorative pieces. Some people use feather of peacocks and various birds to increase the look of the turban. Little embroidery is done on the borders. Different chains of pearls, beads and sequins are also used.

Thus, if you looking to enhance your looks or add distinctness to your style, you can experiment with different varieties and designs of chic and classy turbans available today and steal the attention of the entire gathering with your exotic looks.

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