Indian Designers are Awakening for Plus Size Market

We have predicted it a long ago that Indian Market has huge vacuum for plus size dresses. Therefore we created Plus size indian ethnic wear categories in Gravity Fashion. This Idea popped out when lot of our customers wanted to order plus size salwar suits, anarkali and lehenga choli.

But no manufacturer make it for sizes larger than 42. Initially we had to deny these requests but when inquiries grew I had to do something about it.

Manufacturers and Brands were reluctant to take dive into unknown territory and being dumb to see the changes in social mindset and trends.

Hence we come up with Idea that we use two dresses to make one outfit for plus size customers. We also figured out how we can keep the cost down for these customers. And Idea took off quickly. Large size orders are accounting for 20% of our orders now.

Designers are now waking up in 2018 about this niche market. Narendra Kumar is going to launch plus size outfits in Lamke Fashion Week 2018

He quoted:

“It’s a wrong notion that overweight people have to wear lighter fabrics like georgette. The collection will be my way of saying size doesn’t matter,” says Kumar.

His collection will include denims, athleisure and evening wear. I am not sure if he is going to target ethnic wear niche, as we believe that this niche has a great potential.

Here is a list of other Indian Brands that make plus size fashion.

Lets look around in India, in to our own family, into the street and malls. We see so many over weight men and women. They all go to party, celebrate festivals and attend weddings. Of course wedding industry has huge potential with higher margins.

We occasionally receive request from plus size brides to make custom bridal lehenga choli for them, because readymade designs are not available to their size.

I also found few cool kurta designs in plus size on Amazon




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