Indian Trendy Blouses of the Year 2011

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Saree is the traditional garment of India. In 21st century with the change in the fashion trend, the draping style of saree too has changed. Now women love to experiment with their blouses and their draping style. They follow the latest trends set by the beautiful and famous bollywood divas and like to dress-up like them. Some of the trendy blouse images are given below, I hope you will like these.

Bips looks awesome in this white saree with red blouse enhanced by long Juliet Sleeve. Whereas Maliaka’s Jewel key hole sleeveless blouse makes her the eye candy of the event.

 Blouse Designs
Blouse Designs

The beauty of this Bengali model is highlighted by green embroidered princess line blouse embellished with different beads, stones and flower motif. But I personally like the last two purple blouses with multi-colored lace for their uniqueness and grace.

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  • Dipti Desai

    Very different and unique blouse and sari wearing style.i like this post.
    Saree Draping Styles

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