Jewel of Indian Traditions and customs; Rajasthan

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Jewel of Indian Traditions and customs; Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is the state of jewels and folk traditions, ancient places, which are still alive and people are following the adherent set by their ancestors. They believe in slogan ‘Guest is like God’ so they welcome the guests in their house with lots of excitement and happiness. They present them garland made from jasmine and marigold flowers. In Rajasthan, different cast and tribes exist. Like Rajput, Jats, Bhramas and traders. The costumes of Rajasthan always attract the attention of people in the entire world. The famous bandhani work and tie and die art is derived from Rajasthan.

Women Of Rajasthan

Women Of Rajasthan

Moreover, the women of Rajasthan wear Ghagharas that are usually full length with traditionally printed designs. We can see mirror work on Lengha and choli which is also very famous. They call it chaniya-choli. The women of orthodox family wear saree in different style but the most common style of draping saree starts from left as normal saree but pallu of saree is tuck from back to front. The Rajasthani people are very traditional and they follow their customs strictly. They cover their head from dupattas to show respect for elders.

The state is famous for its art and folk dance around the world. The multi-colored turban is very famous in Rajasthan and men wear occasionally. Women of Rajasthan wear silver jewelry and lakh bangles made of wooden material. Men usually wear Jodhpuri suits and Dhoti Kurta. Kurta is fastened from left side with a dori. The Kurta is short and held with pleats or gathers at the right side. In many regions of Rajasthan, camels are used to visit from one place to another.

Dance of Rajasthan

Dance of Rajasthan

Different kinds of arts are famous in Rajasthan like puppet show; in which a person expresses true feelings and life’s reality through it. Other leading art form is dance. Rajasthani dance is famous all over the world .People from other countries visit this state to learn this art. Like ‘Ghoomar dance which was introduce by Bhil Tribe. In this, men and women both sing and swirl their Lenghas, the grace of this dance is mainly comes with this act of dance. Another folk dance is ‘Kalebelia’ in which women perform and collect snakes and poison with snake charmers. They usually do it for their bread. They perform fire dance in the night. Women in vibrant and vigorous garments create a good mood in the desert. The Ghungroo, Sarangi and Ektara musical instruments are very popular. They use fire and thal in their dance. The people of Rajasthan are fun loving and caring.

So, guys go ahead to rajasthan and have coffee with Indian art and culture.

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