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Khadi a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

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Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi father of nation. We salute him proudly on his birthday. Gandhi ji is also known as bapu. Word bapu means father. He is such a simple man and I personally am a fan of him. As I am learning more about life I can see his teachings and life experiments can set us for a free life or life of freedom. As I understand freedom is not about being free from some one, it is about getting freedom form our own mind & ego.

gandhi ji

Bapu fist freed himself from himself and then only he was able to touch thousands of lives in India and set it free from British Rule.

He was a fan of khadi & in support of the independence movement bapu started spinning khadi himself and encouraged others to do the same to be independent of imported cotton from British Government. Khadi is hand woven cloths made in India.

Khadi is a fabric for all, it does not belongs to rich or poor. But in 21st century it is a fashion statement. Many fashion designers from India and abroad are experimenting with khadi.

gandhi charkha

Khadi is now used to make designer sarees, salwar suits, kurta pajama, western outfits like shirts, trousers & even gowns.

We dont see charkha in every day life except in museums. I once bought a miniature charkha few years back when I visited Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. I was thrilled to see Bapu’s charkha, his house at bank of sabarmati and felt my connection with freedom moment of India.

sabarmati ashram

I salute him from my heart and we all at Gravity Fashion give our tribute to a great human being & a great soul who inspired millions when he as alive and still inspires people around the globe.

Post By: Hiren Patel.

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