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Buying a Wedding Sherwani could be challenging task especially when you have never ordered it before.

Even worse when you are not living in your native country India, Pakistan or Bangladesh where you have numerous choices to browse through latest designs of sherwani and try it on.

This guide will help you answer these questions:

  • What is a Sherwani and When to Wear it?
  • Should I buy Sherwani from local shop or online?
  • How to identify your expectations?
  • What should you know before you buy a Sherwani & how to prepare yourself?
  • How to buy a Sherwani from a local shop?
  • How to buy a Sherwani online?
  • How to find a right sherwani seller for you?
  • What qualities a Sherwani sellers should posses?
  • How to find if a website is genuine?

If you are planning to buy a Sherwani and you are a NonResident Indian or NonResident Asian and living in the US, Canada, UK, Australia or Europe, you have very few choices available in local shops.

Buying a Sherwani Online may not be a risk-free option.

Hi, My name is Hiren and I have helped hundreds of grooms from around the globe to buy their sherwanis. I have honestly guided them and answered their questions so that they can find perfect Sherwani for them.

I have made a collection of most frequently asked questions and converted it into a detailed guide for you.

For me, it is like hunting your prey and grab it at right moment 🙂

What is a Sherwani?

We will not get into much details here about very origin and history of the Sherwani. Because our goal is to understand more about modern sherwani.

Sherwani is an outfit that kings, the men of a royal family, and men of high stature in the community used to wear hundreds of years from Mughals to Marathas and from Turkey to India.

In 21st Century Sherwani it is the outfit that every groom of South Asian Origin wants to wear in his wedding or reception.

I will write in more details about Sherwani history in separate post.

What is a modern Sherwani like?

Designers from India and Pakistan has put lot of efforts in rediscovering sherwani these days. There are different type of Sherwani Styles like Traditional Sherwani is Long up to or bit longer than knees and pants are like churidar, Indo-western sherwani: The length of sherwani is shorter than knee and pants are like breaches, straight pants or dhoti. Achkan is also long sherwani worn with churidar, the collor is usually closed around the neck. Most Achkan as made in plain fabric but a brocade fabric can also be used here. Jodhpuri sherwani has style element from Rajasthan, usually it is shorter version of Achkan, the length is upto your hips, giving it look of a western coat but having traditional embellishments on it.

Fabric of Sherwani

In Modern Sherwani various type of fabric is used such as Brocade, Raw Silk, Silk, Jute and Velvet.

How to chose right Fabric

Most weddings these days are done in Air Conditioned venues therefore choosing a fabric based on weather does not make much difference. How ever avoid velvet in warm weathers.

Fabric selection should be based on style and design of the Sherwani. I do not suggest you get in to more details about the fabric, you better focus on style and design of it.

What style is suitable for you

In my personal opinion, it depends upon your height. For shorter men I recommend Jodhpuri or Indo-western sherwani. Because length of sherwani is shorter and makes you look taller. And go for churidar or tight / narrow pants or breaches. Do not use Dhoti please.

For taller men basically any style suits them.

I highly recommend visiting a local shop that sell sherwani to try different styles on you and select right style of sherwani for you.

When to wear a Sherwani

For your wedding day try traditional or indo-western sherwani.

For Reception go for simple designs like Achkan or Jodhpuri. But there is no harm in trying other styles as well. It all depends on what style your bride is wearing.

Simple sherwani can be used for traditional functions and festivals as well. One of our customer wore it for a charity event in the USA to grab attention.

How to identify your expectations?

Comparing sherwani pros and cons buying online vs at physical store

Step 1: Setup folders on your PC or laptop.

For this exercise, a PC or Computer will be the suitable device.

Here is how you should do it.

Make four folders on your PC or Laptop: Designs, Styles, Accessories, Short-Listed

folder structure to save sherwani images

Make one spreadsheet to save any good references you will find during your research.

Rename the first sheet of excel to References, Second to Local Shops, and third to Online Shops

This will help you narrow down your choices later.

Spreadsheet to save your research for sherwani

Step 2: Search online for latest designs and trends of Sherwani

Google to see newest sherwani designs and Sherwani styles.
Pinterest also has a great selection of Sherwani designs.

Save all the designs you prefer in the folders we created in step 1 and you can refer them later.

Save all sherwani designs to Designs folder.

If you liked specific Style of Sherwani that you want in different design, save it to Styles folder.

You will also find some images of accessories e.g. Safa/turban, moti mala, stole or dupatta, mojri/shoe etc. Save it to accessories folder.

You may end up saving few hundred images altogether.

Later we will shortlist top 10-20 images, I will guide you through 🙂

Meanwhile, if you find any website, posts or videos that have additional information for you, save it to Reference sheet of spreadsheet we prepared above. Don’t read these articles or posts immediately because it will distract you from your primary goal for now, which is looking for designs and styles.

Step 3: Save video, guides and resource links for Sherwani

You can skip reading this step if you know how to save links in a spreadsheet.

Meanwhile, if you find any website, posts or videos that have additional information for you, save it to Reference sheet of spreadsheet we prepared above.

Don’t be lost in reading these articles or watching videos now, because it will distract you from your primary goal that is finding images and styles.

Here is how to save a link to video or website in the spreadsheet.

In google search results click on the link you want to visit later.

click on google link of sherwani resource to save

This will open that link in a new tab. Copy the link from browser’s address bar.  To do that click on address bar, then hold Ctrl key of keyboard and then press C key and release both keys.

Now fo to your spreadsheet, click on the cell where you want to save the link. Hold Ctrl key of your keyboard and press V key, release both keys.

This will paste the link in your spreadsheet. It’s easy.

For next link to save, click on the cell below it and repeat above step.

Step 4: Consult with your Fiancé/Bride & family

Now you have done some research you should be feeling more confident and prepared. Well done!

You have definitely gained more knowledge about Sherwani.

This is the time to share your findings of Sherwani Styles, Sherwani Designs, and Accessories with your fiancé/bride and family members.

Go ahead and call them so that they can set aside time for you.

While meeting them and talking about your findings, shortlist the images and copy them to shortlisted folder.

Don’t add more than 10 design images in shortlisted folder, 3-5 Style images and 10-15 images for accessories

Any more than that may confuse you. But you are free to decide your own numbers 🙂

Next step will be to begin the buying process for your wedding sherwani or reception sherwani.

How to buy a Sherwani from a local shop?

If you are living in a Metro chances are that you will find few Sherwani shops in your town.

If you search Sherwani Shops in New York, you will find few clothing shops at Jackson Heights.

If you are in London you will find Bridal shops in Wembley or Green Street (Upton Park).

You can always use google to find a Sherwani Store.

Try searching for “Sherwani Store in London” or replace London with the city you are living in, if you don’t find anything, try searching for Sherwani in nearest city or town.

Make list of these stores, their address and phone numbers.

Before you visit them, it will be a good Idea to call them and find out if they have the type of Sherwani you want.

e.g. Regular Sherwani, Indo-western Sherwani, Jodhpuri, Angarakha or Sikh Sherwani, Achkan or Anarkali Style.

Or check out latest Bollywood sherwani for inspiration.

Don’t forget to take the shortlisted images with you on your phone or tablet.

Now you can plan to visit these stores and try different styles of Sherwani e.g. Vintage Sherwani or Indo-western Sherwani.

Also, try does Dhoti, Breeches or Churidar is suitable for you. Don’t hesitate to discuss your style requirement, color preferences etc.

e.g. for shorter men I recommend indo-western sherwani because the length of sherwani is shorter than regular sherwani and this enhances the look of shorter grooms.

Try it with breeches or churidar, don’t go for dhoti.

But if you are a tall man you can experiment with both styles.

Now you have identified the style you can see if there is any design available in that shop.

Hopefully, you can find the best suitable design and style of sherwani or indo-western sherwani in these shops and you are done. You don’t need to go through the following process.

But if you are not feeling lucky yet, you should read further to find out what are your available options to Buy Sherwanis.

How to buy a Sherwani online?

In this section we will evaluate about buying a sherwani online.

To buy a wedding Sherwani for a groom online could be a nightmare if you do not know how to buy a sherwani online.

I will guide you through that how you can find a reliable and authentic online sherwani seller for you.

By following steps mentioned in following paragraphs you can make sure that your Sherwani shopping is safe, risk-free and arrive in time without any nightmares.

Step 1. Search for Online Sherwani Stores

Buy sherwani online

To do this, I will suggest using the spreadsheet you prepared earlier. Create a new sheet and rename it as Sherwani Websites. In this sheet, you should save all the websites from whom you will potentially buy your Sherwani.

Search “Buy Sherwani Online” in google.

Noteable brand from India is MANYAVAR, they have great collection of designs. How ever their website does not offer all the designs I can see in their stores.

You will find tons of websites that sell sherwani. Most of them will have same designs because the same manufacturer will be supplying sherwani to all of them.

If you want exclusive designs we have a great collection of Exclusive Sherwanis for men that you will not find anywhere online.

Go through different websites, and list the websites that you prefer to buy sherwani from in your spreadsheet.

Don’t bother about contacting them at this moment we will do this later. Just quickly scan the website for available designs, don’t worry about price or other things yet.

If you can scan few designs that you will like to buy, add the link of that page to your spreadsheet.

Don’t add to wishlist or cart, because to save it you need to create an account, and you might be bombarded with emails of offers, discounts etc. that you don’t want in your inbox anyway.

If you do not want to use a spreadsheet, you can always create a folder in your browser bookmarks and bookmark each page so that you can visit these pages again.

In your spreadsheet save name of the website e.g.

Step 2: Evaluate Sherwani sellers

As you have prepared a list of potential websites from where you can buy a Sherwani, you should evaluate the online seller before you buy your sherwani top eliminate or minimize the risk.

This is the most important step.

If you do not evaluate them you might be disappointed and you do not want to be screaming when you receive your Sherwani for wedding or reception.

There are five medium to evaluate any online seller or store.

  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Reviews
  • Identity of the seller

We will go through each of these modes and if all three modes are combined it can help you identify a good seller whom you can trust and place your order so that you can deal with other important things for your wedding.

Send an email to seller

Before that draft an email with a list of questions you want to ask them and save it in a word doc or plain text file.

Here is a draft email. You can modify it as you require.


Hi There
My name is XXXXXX. I want to buy a Sherwani for my wedding.

I have never purchased a Sherwani online before, therefore I am bit nervous.

Following are few questions I have:

  • Can you customize Sherwani to my measurements?
  • Can you send me real images of the Sherwani that I like?
  • How long does it take you to deliver in the US?
  • Can you expedite shipping if required?
  • What if I don’t like the Sherwani after I receive it, what is your return and refund policy?

Thank you for your assistance.
Best Regards


Why these questions are important?

  • By mentioning the event such as a wedding, reception or another event a good customer support executive can personalize his/her response.
  • Because you mentioned you are nervous executive should help you be comfortable buying with them by telling you why you should trust them and how they can make your shopping experience a breeze.
  • Asking about customization you will know how flexible seller could be.
  • Seller may not have real images because most websites publish images provided by the manufacturer and they do not have other images. Chances are that manufacturer may send them images.

You should expect the followings in the reply to your emails:

You have sent emails but how you will evaluate seller by emails? Each reply will give you a clue about the seller. You should expect following.


A prompt reply is very important, a lazy responder may not be able to meet expectations or deliver on time.

You should expect reply within few hours to 24 hours. An efficient seller will make sure your queries are answered in a timely manner.

But don’t take it for granted, due to weekend and holidays this could vary, therefore consider these factors too before you make your decision.

Quality of the answers

Are you satisfied with answers you received?

What was the tone of language? Does it sound a reply from a robotic person or was it personalized?

If it is personalized and friendly you could be sure to have a great support and product.

Once you receive the reply, start a conversation with those who answered in 24 hours or less.

Send them another email and ask few more questions.

Now observe above things again. Responsiveness of reply and quality & tone of the email. Few sellers may get frustrated with additional questions, these sellers may not be willing to go extra mile for you once they receive the money.

This will give you a good Idea bout the customer support of the company you will be dealing with.

Call the seller

Next step is to verify phone number. In case after sales you need to contact the seller by phone can you reach them? So just pick up the phone and call them.

If you are based in US or Canada, most Indian or Pakistani sellers would be sleeping when you call them. If they do not take your call, try finding out the time difference and call them during their working hours. Here is how you can find the time difference. Google “time difference between EST and IST”

replace EST with your time zone and IST represents Indian Standard Time. India has a single time zone so no matter where the seller is based in India, once you have worked out time difference you can call them.

Find time zone difference between countries

On phone ask the questions you asked in email, see what answers you receive, does it matches with answers you received in email?

If not, cross-examine them and tell them that you received different answer in email.

Check for the consistency in answers.

And ask the name of the person you talk to and note down

Contacting Seller on Live Chat

You can also try it on live chat support, most sellers provide live chat. Some seller provide 24Ă—7 chat support but few like us provide limited hour chat support.

Once again repeat above questions and observe the consistency in the answers.

This will give you overall Idea of the seller and their team with whom you will be dealing with in case you need assistance. A team without co-ordination will give you different answers.

On the other hand, a trustworthy, reliable and authentic seller will have an integrated team. Everyone in their team will have nearly consistent answers and they will be willing to help you out in most efficient manner.

Don’t forget to check reviews of online seller

Even if you have gone through all above steps, you should check reviews of a seller.

You can search “store name reviews” e.g. “gravity fashion reviews”

And look for independent review website results.

There are dozens of review websites e.g.:

You can also search store name or website name in above websites.

What should you expect?

Many sellers add fake reviews to build up a reputation, therefore it is important to be able to differentiate between fake reviews and real reviews.

You can identify fake reviews:

  • Similarities in reviews
    You can find similar grammatical or spelling mistakes in different reviews. If there are honest reviews you will still find mistakes but similar mistakes in other reviews is a very rare chance.If you find similar errors in multiple reviews you can be sure these are not real reviews.
  • Complaints or no complaints?
    If you find no complaints in reviews at all, that could be a fake review. Many sellers also pay incentive to write good reviews. Just like on eBay after you purchase something, seller contact you to give them a 5-star rating.At Gravity Fashion, we have found that people who have complaints usually do not write reviews. The satisfied customer also usually do not write reviews.Mostly highly satisfied or highly unsatisfied customer write a review. In our reviews, you will find some complaints also.
  • Does seller answer reviews?
    Check out how the seller is responding to reviews. Most review websites allow the seller to respond to customer review.If a seller is not responding to customer, you may conclude that the seller is only interested in taking and delivering orders. After that, they do not care about you.A good store will always answer to reviews no matter it is a good review or bad review.
  • Try other review websites.
    This is likely that a seller is writing fake reviews on one website but on other websites, you may find real reviews too.

So please do not ignore reviews, because that is a very important tool that will help you identify an authentic Sherwani seller.

But do not consider it to be the only factor for decision making. You may find that seller respond very fast and efficient way to your email and phone calls, but reviews are not good.

There might be possibility that seller has improved their service level 🙂

Seller’s business identity

You should also want to ask for the identity of the seller. Following are few ways to do this:

  • Match the seller’s address with website registration address.
    You can find seller’s address on contact page. If a seller has not mentioned their address on the website, don’t buy from them. To check website registration address open this link and enter the seller’s website name. You will find the address of the seller. If it matches with seller’s address on contact page that’s good.If not still this is not a big issue. You can confirm this with the seller and they might say that during website registration they moved their business and that is possible.
  • Ask for Business Registration details:
    You can ask the seller to provide you a certificate of business. If it is a registered company in India you can check seller’s company name at Ask for VAT number of Indian Seller and that can be verified at

You now have lot of information about Sherwani seller, You may be comfortable and built the confidence with them and ready to buy a sherwani online.

Check out their website for sherwani designs, create an account, add sherwanis to your basket or wishlist.

Go Ahead and purchase your Sherwani.

If you have a limited budget you can also Rent a sherwani. In US Saris and Things offer Sherwani on rent and in UK Sherwani king offer rental services. Saris and Things has a very basic designs available probably suitable for Groom’s men. Sherwani king has some good designs for groom but very limited options. I hope they will have wider range of collection for rent a sherwani soon 🙂

Good Luck 🙂


To buy a sherwani for your marriage could be a difficult task and if you are not privileged to live in the metro city of the US, Canada, UK or Australia you have only option to buy it from India or Pakistan.

We have evaluated both options: Buy a sherwani in the shop and Buy a sherwani online.

I am sure this guide will be of some help to all NRI, NRG and NRA living abroad.

If you like this guide please share it with your friends.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or contact us to discuss your Sherwani requirements.

We also make custom sherwani in your choice of color, style and made to your measurements.

While preparing this article I found a very interesting information written by Gopi about Indian Weddings for Dummies. I recommend to check this out.

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