Significance of Dhanteras in Diwali Celebrations

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Significance of Dhanteras in Diwali Celebrations

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Dhanteras or the festival of wealth and prosperity marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations as the first day of Diwali. Formed from two words, ‘Dhan’ and ‘Teras’ meaning wealth and thirteen respectively, Dhanteras is therefore celebrated as the festival of wealth on the thirteenth day of month of Ashvin or Ashwayuja.

Falling therefore in the months of October and November, Dhanteras is celebrated all over India with great zeal and fervour. On this day, people offer prayers to Hindu Goddess of wealth, Lakhsmi to please the Goddess and ask her to provide prosperity in all their business endeavours and deals through out the coming year.

Dhanteras is therefore considered as very auspicious and ceremonius when it comes to trading, business, and buying expensive items and jewellery. People all over the country to celebrate this biggest festival of wealth and riches indulge in extravagant shopping and trading. Women, especially buy articles and ornaments of gold and silver on this auspicious day.

While, so far Dhanteras shopping was limited to kitchen utensils, household articles, and jewellery items, today many fashion conscious women have started celebrating the festival by indulging in shopping for highly luxurious and opulent traditional clothes like designer sarees, beautiful festive lehengas and elaborate anarakali salwar kameez.

Richly embellished with dazzling gem stones, glittering sequins, sophisticated pearl and bead work and heavily embroidered with lustrous golden and silver thread work, these designer ethnic peices are created in the true spirit of the festival. Ideal for prosperity and auspicious for Diwali, these designer imperial outfits are the perfect way to celebrate Dhanteras in a fashionable and sophisticated way.

As purchasing of new ‘dhan’ in the form of precious metal is said to bring good luck to the home, just imagine how much luck and prosperity you can bring to your life and family by dressing up in heavily embellished and heavily embroidered zari saree or fully flared and embroidered. So ladies, what are you waiting for? It is time to buy jewellery, light diyas, and perform Lakshme Puja wearing your royal designer embellished saree and looking as the perfect embodiment of Goddess Laksmi herself! Happy and Prosperous Dhanteras!

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