8 Tips to Preserve Your Bridal Lengha and Saree

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So you have finally been the reigning beauty queen of your cherished wedding ceremony. You have won loads of applauds, praise and compliments for your ethereal bridal beauty and your glamorous wedding ensemble.

Now since the dream is over and time has come to preserve and cherish your memories, the first and foremost thing you must do is to preserve your wedding outfit including bridal lengha and wedding or reception sarees
with the same love and care that you showered on while picking, handling and wearing this outfit before and during your wedding.

So following are 8 tips that will help you take care and preserve the most important garment you ever wear in your life.

8 tips to preserve your bridal outfits

1. Dry-Clean

We understand you are busy in a lot of rituals, ceremonies and other essential things immediately after your wedding in your new home and family, but sending your bridal lehenga or sareefor dry clean within a month of wearing is extremely important to prevent any stains from bonding to the fabric and becoming permanent ugly spots on your beautiful and cherished outfit.

2. Finishing

Once the dry cleaning process is done, you should send the outfit again to the store for the finishing of any lose ends, embellishments, fallen stones, sequins and lose threads in embroidery and zari work.

3. Storing

Ensure that you store or keep your outfit in a place that is free from extreme changes of temperature or conditions such as a basement or an attic. Always store your expensive wedding outfit in a dark and dry area with low temperature and low humidity.

4. Covering

Never keep your garment uncovered. Covering however should not be of plastic or any such material that prevents the fabric from breathing. Cover and wrap your dress delicately in paper to prevent dulling of the fabric. You can also use a muslin cloth or a wooden chest to store and cover your garment.

5. Protect from Moths and Insects

Put some dry neem leaves or lavender sachets to keep moths and other insects from damaging the fabric.

6. Give it Sunlight

Always take out your outfit after a while to give it a breeze of some fresh air and light. This will keep the fabric alive and fresh.

7. Wash or Change the Covering

If you use a muslin cloth or a cotton sheet for cover then wash it every once in a while and if you use paper for cover you can change it from time to time.

8. Check and Refold

Keep checking your outfit from time to time for any marks and creases and refold it to prevent the fabric from weakening and cracking at the creases.

If you have any suggestions that will help other readers, please comment below.

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