Top Trending Ways To Do Your Bridal Lehenga Photography

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It is your big day and you have worked a lot on making your dream wedding lehenga a luxurious one. It will be the most treasured outfit for a lifetime. Brides cherish her bridal outfit for years by getting it photographed. But shooting a wedding lehenga choli in wrong way is a serious crime. After all, you have invested so much time and money in making your luxurious lehenga

There will be a lot of pictures of you wearing a bridal lehenga but a solo shot of your wedding lehenga is the latest trend. So, today we are presenting you the bridal lehenga photography ideas.

Couple outfits:

This is the must-have photograph in this category. You should keep the memory of your groom’s outfit too. Show your bridal lehenga and groom sherwani together. Ask your groom to get his sherwani at your place.
This photograph will look 10 times beautiful if the couple outfits are coordinated. So don’t miss the chance.

Indian couple wedding outfit photography
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Beach lehenga:

If you are a beach person, you should have your bridal lehenga photographed on the beach side. It depends on you whether you want it to be sunrise beach photoshoot or sunset beach photoshoot. Keep your lehenga on a boat or big rocks on the beach side.

If it is a destination wedding at beach side, you can easily get your lehenga clicked. If it is a hotel or resort, find a swimming pool and click it.

beach wedding lehenga choli photoshoot
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Personalized Hanger:

A personalized bridal or groom name engraved hangers are easily available online. The bridal name engraved personalized hanger completes the bridal accessories. Take one shot of your bridal lehenga with personalized hanger.

It is a great way of adding something special to your lehenga photography. Bridal hanger completes the lehenga look.

Lehenga Choli On Personalized Bridal Hanger
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Dramatic wall: 

Sometimes keeping simple is the best idea. You can click your bridal lehenga on a simple painted wall. Go for contrast color painted wall or similar shade painted the wall as per your choice.

You can also hang your bridal trousseau along with the lehenga.

Bridal lehenga choli on wall
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Walkway picture:

Normally all photographers seek a walkway picture. Hang your lehenga choli at the entrance or middle of the walkway of your venue. Eye engaging walkway adds grace to your bridal lehenga.

Simple, sweet and gracious, this walkway picture will be the best of all.

Bridal indian wedding lehenga choli photoshoot on walkway
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Garden picture:

Gardens are anyways a natural topic for a photography.  A garden is sum up of a beautiful flower, open sky, amazing landscapes. Picturing a bridal lehenga on this amazing space will add a natural essence. Keep your lehenga on the side bench and click it.

You can also use any freshly trimmed tree to hang your lehenga and get it clicked. You can actually play around this space a lot.

Bridal Lehenga Photoshoot on tree in garden
Source :

Cycle rickshaw:

Many modern resorts and restaurants have added hand pulled bicycle rickshaw at their location. We can see bicycle rickshaw at the entrance of the hotel or resort adding the retro-flavored makeover for the endearing bicycle rickshaw.

Add that desi swag to your bridal lehenga with this cycle rickshaw. Hang your bridal lehenga on the rickshaw seat or back side of cycle rickshaw

You can also use any freshly trimmed tree to hang your lehenga and get it clicked. You can actually play around this space a lot.

Bridal lehenga photoshoot on cycle rickshaw
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Historical scenes

Temple or gurudwara is the best historical places for the picture perfect lehenga shoot. If you can manage to travel around your city,  find out some ancient villas, Fort or bridges and get your lehenga click with the rusty background.


Deep brown wooden closet with a mirror would be fine to get your bridal lehenga click.


Currently, Kareena Kapoor Khan turned bride again for an UK based magazine shoot. Her photo shoot became the talk of the town. The photoshoot was done with the actress clad in bridal lehenga on an 84-foot VIP luxury yacht

Exude the royalty of your wedding affair with a bridal lehenga solo shoot on a yacht. This will be one is the guaranteed stunning photograph of your bridal lehenga.

Before After:

Make a collage frame of your lehenga choli to show before after in a frame. Click your bridal lehenga solo from various angles and your picture after wearing it.

While you are getting ready

Shot bridal lehenga at various angles on trolly while she is taking her lehenga into her room.

Simply hang it on trolly and pose with it.

Bride taking lehenga choli into her room
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Bridesmaids and besties with your lehenga:

When it comes to bride and photography, it is not fair to forget the beautiful best buddies and bridesmaids. After all, they are your friends, photography with them is an obvious thing.

Ask your bridesmaids and besties to pose with your lehenga.

I am sure, you are excited to get your wedding lehenga photographed. Send us your bridal lehenga shoot photo ideas, in case we missed any.

Your bridal lehenga is special so click it with the best shot. Let us know which one is your favorite concept?

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    Very inspiring, My favourite is Walkway style. That blue lehenga picture is absolutely fantastic.

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