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Ways to re use your bridal lehengas

Many customers ask us what to do about Bridal Lehenga after a wedding?

Bridal lehenga is usually a most expensive attire of your wedding. And it can not be worn again in someone else’s wedding or any other event in most cases.

You have invested so much money in one bridal outfit and you can not use it again and this feeling hurts.

We have contacted many of our customers to know about what they do about their bridal lenghas after weddings. We are grateful to all those who spent the time to write us back and shared their experiences and experiments with us.

I hope you will find this article useful.

A Lehenga Choli has three parts:

  • A Lehenga / Skirt
  • A Choli / Blouse
  • And a Dupatta / Stole
3 parts of Lehenga Choli

Following are some great advice from our customers to re-use bridal lehengas:

Sewing Machine

1. Make Anarkali from your used lehenga

Mrs. Ahmed told us that she spent around $1500 on your bridal lehenga. After few years she had to attend a wedding of her cousin and she really did not want to spend so much money to buy a wedding Anarkali.

Turn your lehenga choli in to anarkali

Then she decided to use her lehenga choli to make an Anrkali dress. As she had a long choli up to her waist, she said she could have stitched it with lehenga and turn it into Anarkali. But it would look too heavy. Therefore she decided to use parts of it.

She chose a Maroon georgette fabric for her Anarkali.
Took off borders from Choli and Lehenga and used it around waist as belt and border on flare of anarkli.

Some patches were taken off from lehenga, and she put it on back side neck. Some patches were stitched around flare as well.

And she chose a plain maroon chiffon dupatta with a golden border.

Over all she was able to get her Anarkali under $400.

She also said that stitching blouse directly with lehenga could easily turn it into a heavy wedding dress.

Great Idea isn’t it?

2. Use blouse with another saree

Another great Idea could be using the blouse / choli of lehanga with another saree.

Amy told us that a heavy blouse with a simple saree could turn your $100 saree into $500 saree. Its that simple she added.

For example blouse of following lehenga can be used with other sarees.

you can use blouse of lehenga with a saree

3. Use lehenga dupatta with another dress

Trisha from London told us that the dupatta of her lehenga was not too heavy and it could match with other salwar kameez or anarkali.

Her bridal dupatta was red, and she had a satin anarkali with golden borders. She had to attend a sikh wedding at short notice and she did not had much time to order a new dress.

Although she had dressed up in that anarkali few weeks back, and she did not wanted to look cheap by wearing same dress again.

Then a though hit her that dupatta of her wedding lehenga could easily match with red anarkali. She also ordered some golden rhinestones at ebay that arrive in 2 days. These were same rhinestones on the dupatta as well.

On next weekend she spent around 2 hours to glue rhinestones around neck and above waist part of the anarkali.
It only cost her £10 for rhinestones and glue + 2 hours of her time to turn a simple Anarkali into a beautiful and expensive looking wedding dress. And along with her wedding dupatta there was no chance any one can recognize her new dress.

Trisha said she was felt proud when she got so many compliments about her dress.

Following is an example suggested by my team.

use dupatta of lehenga with salwar suit

4. Use Borders for lehanga & dupatta

Kiara from Sydney told us how she used borders of dupatta and lehenga to make new designer saree.

Kiara wanted to wear a beautiful lengha on her friend’s wedding. She decided to use borders from her wedding lehenga. It was heavy cutwork border. The border was embroidered and embellished with rhinestones.

Dupatta of her wedding lehenga was 2.5 meters long so she could extract approx. 7 meter of the border.

Her wedding Lehenga flare was 5 meters, and she could extract 5 meters border from it.

Now she had the total of 12 meters of the border. She got it attached to pallu of saree. Some of the borders were used on her blouse around the waist and around sleeves.

She could not believe when everyone at her friend’s wedding asked her from where she purchased this saree.

This just cost her approx. $75 to pay a tailor to do all this for her. and she had a brand new saree designed by herself.

In the following example the green border of dupatta can be used on simple printed or plain sarees.

Use lehenga border for saree

5. Use Patches of lehenga

There could be many patches used on lehenga and dupatta. If you can spend a little time to took it off, you can use it for many things.

e.g. Pallavi from Chicago told us that she had plain cushion covers for her living room sofa. She is a savvy lady and creative too. She always loves to make her home look beautiful but it should also be in her budget. One day she was cleaning her wardrobe and saw her bridal lehenga choli. She lost into beautiful wedding memories and gazing at her outfit. She was thinking how much time it could have took to make such an intense and intricate embroidery and embellishments. She looked at beautiful patches and she got her new Idea.

There were 16 Kalis on her lehenga, each kali had one 6 inches long and 4-inch wide patch made in mango shape.

There were approx. 6 flower patches on each kali.

She knew she is not going to wear this lehenga again so it is work making something out of it. Although she felt bit sad when she was taking those patches out of the dress, but she knew that if she uses it on her cushion covers she can cherish her memories every day.

She decided to put large patch in middle of cushion and put four small flower patches on 4 corners of the cushion. It took her approx. 10 hours to took all patches out and stitch it again on cushion covers.

She told us that one weekend her husband Raj and kids went for shopping, she stayed home. Before they all came back she changed the cushion covers with the one she just made. She told us how surprised Raj and kids were when they saw new cushions. They though Pallavi must have spent a lot of money to buy these. When Raj come to know how she made it he was amazed.

Pallavi shared some other ideas too with us, but I think that is not relevant to this post and I shall share it in another post.

use patch to decorate cushion cover or make something else.


As you have seen how you can use all or some parts of your bridal lehenga to make new outfits, or turn your another old outfit to a new one. Or you can make completely new outfit such as Anarkali by joining blouse and lehenga.

You can also use parts of it to decorate things at your home. Indian Bridal Lehengas are really beautiful and it takes time and close attention to make it for you. And we at Gravity Fashion are always grateful that customers like you give us chance to make it for you.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Don’t forget to share your Ideas or experience about ways to re-use your bridal lenghas and I will update this post and share with the community.


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  • Kamal

    Good article.
    I got 2 dresses made for my daughters from my lehenga.

    • Hiren

      Thats great. It would be inspiring if you could share pictures of those lehenga 🙂

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