Where to buy sarees online or local sari shop?

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Where to buy sarees online or local sari shop?

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Buying guide: Where to buy sarees online or from local sari store?

where to buy saree online

This is one of the most commonly asked questions on internet.
We have prepared a comparison guide that will help you make your decision. At the end of this article you will be able to understand pros and cons of shipping online or offline.

Saree is one of widely worn outfit among South Asian women. People living outside this place often want to buy saris from local shops or online. Following is a comparison between buying a saree from a website or from local shop and you can then decide where you want to purchase your next saree:

Why buy sarees from local store or sari shop?

Instant shopping

If you are in hurry and want it immediately it is best to buy from nearest shop, you can pay and own the saree you like immediately.

Less design choices

In a shop usually there is limited design choices because they can only offer you that they have it in stock.

Expensive stitching

If you are living outside India custom stitching for blouse can be expensive, But this is the best option you have when you want it at shortest time and you do not want to be in surprises about fitting. Average stitching cost for blouse in UK is £20 and in USA is $35.

No delivery cost

You do not have to spend on delivery charges but you may spend money on parking, fuel and your time because u are going to visit a shop to buy a saree.

Easy return and refund

It is easier & quicker to get replacement or refund from local sari shop.

Difficult to get extra fabric

In case you want extra fabric for blouse you may not be able to find that easily. If you want two blouses so that you and your friend can share the sari but extra blouse may not be easily available.

Why Buy  Saris Online?

More choices of saree designs

When you are looking for saris online, you will have more choices of Saree design collection, because many online stores from India work in association with network of suppliers and manufacturers. Some websites have design collection as huge as 10000 designs.

More choices for customization

When you buy Indian dresses from India it is easier to get customization done in India and you have more choices for what material, work or embellishment you want to use on your outfit and it will be cheaper too. You can also order multiple blouses or change fall and it should be easily available.

Cheaper stitching

Stitching for blouse in India starts from Rupee 350 ($7) and vary from website to website depending upon the quality of stitching & style you chose.

Delivery charges

When you order outfits from India, you may spend over $15 or more. E.g. if your delivery destination is USA, delivery charges may range from $15 to $30 on other hand you will save your time, parking and fuel cost.

Long delivery time

If it is online seller in your country they may deliver within 2-5 working days, but if you order from India the delivery time could be up to 20 days. So check with the vendor before you make an order to avoid disappointment.

Difficult return and refunds

If you have ordered online from a website in your country it could be easier to return and get refunds. But when you shop from India it may be expensive and time consuming when you want to return the outfit. Most of the saree shops online do not offer free return shipping. You will need to wait for up to 15 days to get refund. Therefore before you buy online always find out about returns, return shipping and time required to refund money. Also ask if any money will be deducted from refund amount.

Price variation

When you buy online you can compare prices at different websites. You may not always buy sarees online at lowest price. Sari prices may vary quite alot. People working from their home can sell it at much cheaper price but they may lack in customer support and handling returns & refunds.

Free Shipping

If you want to buy saree online with free shipping look around you may find many stores who offer free shipping time to time, especially during festival seasons like, EID, Diwali etc.

Judge the online seller

You can buy saree online cheap but before you buy it online make sure to contact seller, ask some questions and judge their customer service.


Purchasing a saree from a shop in your town center or from an online store, this could be a tricky decision. But when you need more choices of designs, custom stitching and wait for longer then buying a saree online is best option.

If you want it quickly, do not worry about choices but care more about online fraud and have some spare time to visit a local shop then buying a saree from a shop is good choice.

If you opt to buy your favorite saree from a website always know about seller, contact their support and see how they answer you, if possible call them to check if they are approachable & how easy it is to approach them. Doe they give you satisfactory answers?

I have tried my best to compare both options, if you think there is something more to add to this list please comment below and I will add it to the list. If you have any other queries please contact us or post your message below.

About author:
Hiren Patel has worked with many online stores in UK and now working as eCommerce Consultant with Gravity Fashion from last 2 years.

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