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Sherwani Collection for Groom

Browse through our latest sherwani collection for grooms. Great designs, tailor made and customizations available on selected designs.If you want a celebrity style designer sherwani please visit our custom made sherwani section.

Custom made sherwani for Oscar

Custom made sherwani for Oscar

Custom made sherwani for Glory Nair GLORY2606SH
Custom made sherwani for Glory Nair

Custom made sherwani for Glory Nair

Groom Sherwani | Cream Satin Cotton Sherwani 618173

Groom Sherwani | Cream Satin Cotton...

Cream Silk Wedding Sherwani
Cream Silk Designer Sherwani 618169

Cream Silk Designer Sherwani 618169

Light Pink Silk Designer Sherwani 618168

Light Pink Silk Designer Sherwani 618168

Pink Wedding Wear Sherwani
Light Pink Silk Designer Sherwani 618165

Light Pink Silk Designer Sherwani 618165

Parrot Green wedding Sherwani
Green Satin Cotton & Jacquard Designer Pakistani Sherwani 618164

Green Satin Cotton & Jacquard...

Red designer Silk Sherwani
Red Silk Designer Sherwani 618163

Red Silk Designer Sherwani 618163

Multi Colour Jute Wedding wear Sherwani
Multicolour  Jute Designer Sherwani 618160

Multicolour Jute Designer Sherwani 618160

Cream Jacquard Designer Sherwani 618060

Cream Jacquard Designer Sherwani 618060

Golden Jacquard Designer Sherwani 618059

Golden Jacquard Designer Sherwani 618059

Grey Jacquard Designer Sherwani 618058

Grey Jacquard Designer Sherwani 618058


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A guide about how to buy Sherwani for Groom

Sherwani is preferred Indian wedding dress for a groom. For most of Indians living in UK, USA, Canada or Australia (basically all non-resident Indian grooms) it could be a challenge to buy a Sherwani.

In last few years we have helped hundreds of grooms for shopping sherwani online at Gravity Fashion. Based on their common questions we are sharing a short guide about how you can buy Indian Wedding Sherwani for you.

Following are few things to consider when buying a wedding sherwani and I will go through all in more details.

  • Prepare a budget
  • Check for latest sherwani designs
  • Visit a local store if available
  • Or Check online for sherwani sellers from your country or from India
  • Communicate with seller
  • Shortlist your preferred seller
  • Place order
  • Prepare for disasters


Prepare a budget

You can-not go wrong with a set budget for your marriage. This Indian Wedding Dress for Groom could range anywhere from $500 to $5000.

Therefore a budget will help you save your time and effort for looking at attire that is out of or below your budget. You can always go cheaper but make sure you get quality of the dress you desire in that price.

Consult your elders or friends, they will certainly help you set a budget and style for the sherwani.

Check for latest sherwani designs

Make sure you have investigated about latest designs for sherwani so that you are not out of latest trends.

Sherwani has not changed it’s basic style for hundreds of years. But new designers are working hard to innovating new designs and experiment with different type of fabrics.

e.g. recently floral printed silk and jute fabric are favorite for few designers.

You can check Pinterest for wedding sherwani or google it.

For inspiration of latest stylres of sherwanis check out websites of popular designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra and other popular Indian designers or infact top indian brand “Manyavar Sherwani”.

Few Bollywood celebrities and cricket stars are getting married every year and they do not hesitate to make their statement with new styles and trends in the industry.

Make sure to save your favorite designs of sherwani so that you know what to order when you are ready to purchase.

Visit a local store if available

If possible visit a local store that sells variety of Sherwani. Such as Sona Couture & The Sherwani Company in Middlesex, London or Wellgroomed in Surrey, BC and Fremont, CA

Try different sherwani on you so that you can feel if it is comfortable and how you look in it. Donn’t be shy to ask for assistance. Try to find about various fabric used for sherwani and suitable fabric for the weather on the day of your wedding.

This will get you plenty of information about Sherwani from fabric, motif designs and styles.

If you chose to buy your wedding dress from a local store, check for delivery time, fitting and any customizations you may need.

Or Check online for sherwani sellers from your country or from India

If you do not find a suitable style of your wedding outfit in local store, or there is no Asian wedding store near you then you have choice to buy from Online stores in your country or from India. Buying from India could save you quite bit of money but it could be challenging to find a right online sherwani store.

Search on google, bing or your favourite search engine for “Buy sherwani”, “Buy sherwani for groom from India”, “Sherwani for groom in India” etc.

Check out websites appeared in search result.

Besides checking available collection on these websites try to find more about the seller.

You can judge a lot about the seller by looking at the website. Do not be swayed away by fake reviews. Try to find genuine reviews among the fake one. Negative reviews are good because these are genuine, but also read response from the seller and see how they tried to resolve the issues.

Shortlist some of your favorite sellers, bookmark them in your browser or note down the website name.

Communicate with seller

If you visited local store based on your experience in local store, prepare a list of questions for the seller.

If you were not fortunate enough to have any sherwani store in your town, donn’t worry, here is a list of few questions to ask.

Write one email to seller, Start with explaining what type of sherwani you want and by when do you need it. If you have chosen any specific designs from these website, include sku/product code or image. 

  • How soon can you deliver this dress at XX city/country?
  • Can you tailor it to my measurements?
  • Does it include stole/shoe or turban as displayed? If not can you make similar one for me?
  • I do not want style of pant displayed in the picture, can you make different style? If yes will there be additional cost?
  • Can I get this sherwani in different color?

These are few example questions, you can always be more creative. Try to right about your fear about not delivering in time, return policy, refund if you do not like it etc.

What we are doing here, is to analyze:

  • How quickly seller responds
  • How efficiently they answer
  • Know their policies
  • Authenticity of the seller

On the bases of these factors you can find a suitable online website for Sherwani from where you can buy your wedding sherwani with peace of your mind.

Place order

Negotiate on price of sherwani or get a discount for your groom sherwani.

Place the order and make sure you enter correct delivery address and contact number.

We have prepared an exhaustive article about shopping a sherwani online.

At gravity fashion we cater diverse and unusual requests by our customers. Not all groom want similar designs for their wedding. With us you can customize it as per your wedding theme, or destination of wedding. Match your sherwani with bride or customize sherwani with hints of shades from bride’s wedding lehenga

One of our customers ordered a royal blue sherwani and bride was supposed to wear a beige lehenga choli on their wedding day. Motif design on the lengha had few pink crystals. This groom ordered a ready design from our website but he wanted to have few matching pink crystals on his sherwani too. We accepted this request and replaced some of golden stones with pink crystals.

Baljinder from Brompton, CA wanted to have his turban, stole and shoe to match with color of bridal dress and we did it.

Mitul from London asked us to make his mojri/shoe with initials of his name embroidered on it and this shoe had to be made in same fabric of sherwani.

One unusual request was made by Kunal from Sydney, he ordered a custom made sherwani to be made in off white color with motif work of zardosi and sequins. His fiancé was wearing red lehenga choli. Kunal wanted hint of red without being prominent on the sherwani. Therefore he wanted to have inner lining of sherwani to match red of bridal dress.

For us all weddings are very important and by making and delivering your wedding sherwanis on time and as per your expectations we be part of your marriage.

Browse through following ready made groom sherwanis, but you can always contact us to make a custom sherwani for you.

If you have any questions please contact us :)

For custom made sherwani please visit this page.


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