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Find out how to order a Plus Size Outfits at Gravity Fashion 

Over years we have learned that not all customers are the same size. Some very happy and lively people need bit larger size of outfits and we take it seriously. 

We have made numerous plus size customers happy by providing a great fitting, excellent services and customization.
Why not you too try this?
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Select from Plus Size Catalog

Easiest way is to check out our plus size Anarkali, plus size salwar suits & plus size lehenga choli sections, select dresses and place the order.

If you do not find the dress that you like in these categories then please see following instructions


How can I order usual outfit in Plus Size 

Most salwar kameez, lehenga choli, saree blouses can be made up to size 42. If you need your dresses in sizes 44 to 56 you should order plus size service.

  • Just browse through our website and note down the product code mentioned on the page.
    Following screenshot explains to you how to find product code:

    image showing how to find product code for plus size

  • Contact us by Live Chat, email or WhatsApp: +919638388385 and share the product code with us.
  • We will work out the price for you, send you an invoice and create order once payment is made.


How do I order saree with Plus Size Blouse?

Above mentioned method work well for Salwar Kameez, Anarkali, Lehenga Choli, Gowns etc. But for saree, this may not work.

Because we can use fabric from the second saree to make large size blouse but the second saree will be of no use for you.

Therefore if you need Plus Size Blouse for saree, please contact us with a product code of the saree and we will work out different options to make a larger blouse.


How do you make Plus Size outfit out of the normal dress?

If you are flexible it is not difficult to make dresses in larger sizes.

For Salwar kameez, Lehenga Choli, Anarkali etc. you should order two outfits. We will use additional fabric from the second outfit to increase the size of the dress.

You will not have to pay double for ordering two outfits. In the following section, I will explain how the price is calculated.

We do our best to keep the same design as an image but due to different sizes and body type, we may need to cut off or add some material so that it fit you well. Our design team will make sure any addition or subtraction will enhance the look of the dress.

How much it cost to order Plus Size Dress?

At Gravity Fashion, we believe that you should not be paying double for being more happier. For the larger dress, you need to order two dresses.

You will be paying the full price of the first dress and 60% of second dress and stitching charges.

You will be paying normal stitching charges, we do not charge you extra for stitching. However, it is tedious work, as we need to take off embroidery, patches, laces etc. from one dress, take off extra fabric, re-cut fabric and stitch it again. This is a longer process than stitching standard size dress.


A standard dress is $100

First dress price: $100

First dress stitching charges: $20

Second dress price: $100-40% = $60

Second dress stitching price: $20-40%=$12

Total to pay: $100+$60+$20+12=$192

In this example, you will save approx. $48 on the regular price of buying two dresses.

This method could work for Salwar Kameez, Anarkali, Patiala, Lehenga Choli etc. But this does not work for Saree.

Note: We can not make plus size dress for any outfit in clearance section.


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