What is estimated shipping date?

On every product page, we have mentioned estimated shipping date. This is to give you an indication that by when the products can be shipped.

This could be from 1 day to 20 days. Therefore please pay close attention to the shipping date before you place the order.

However, we try our best to ship it as early as possible.

If you need your outfits earlier please contact us before you place the order and our team will inform you if we can meet the deadline, if not we will suggest you any other possibilities available.

Why it takes so long to ship?

We curate outfits and other products listed on our website from hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers spread across the India. We need few days to receive your outfits from these suppliers/manufacturers.

Then it goes through quality check process. If there is any defect, such as any change in embroidery, stain on fabric or something else we try to repair it in-house.

If a defect is not repairable we need to send it back to the supplier for replacement.

If you have ordered your outfit stitched, we need to make sure it can be stitched as per your measurements were given. 

We understand that every human being is not same size, therefore to adjust your outfit to your measurements we may need to get additional fabric dyed or do some additional embroidery etc.

All these things takes time and that is why we usually take 15-17 days to ship.

Men's wear are usually made on order, and that also takes 15-20 days.

Custom make outfits may take even longer, may be 4 to 12 weeks. For more information about custom make outfits please click here.

I want outfits earlier than estimated shipping date. Can you expedite my order?

If you need your outfits earlier please contact us before you place the order and we will give you honest commitment for earlier delivery.


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