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Bridal Lengha for sale from Gravity Fashion

Heavy Bridal Lehenga, Cheap Bridal Lehenga

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What is a Bridal Lengha Choli?

Bridal Lehenga choli is an Indian Bridal dress made of 3 pieces.

  • Choli: is a blouse, it can be short or long up to the waist based on various religion.
  • Lehenga: is a skirt made in various styles such as circular, kalidar or with a trail.
  • Dupatta: is a stole that bride use to cover her head. Few brides prever to have two dupattas, 1 to cover head and second to wrap around her shoulder and arms.

Usually Bridal Lehenga are made of expensive fabric with intricate embroidery, zardosi designs and embellished with stones, sequins and crystals.


Maroon Embroidered Velvet Lehenga 0522262
Maroon Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Maroon Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Pastel Blue Embroidered Satin Lehenga

Pastel Blue Embroidered Satin Lehenga

Pink Ombre Gota Patti Art Silk Lehenga

Pink Ombre Gota Patti Art Silk Lehenga

Red Embroidered Satin Lehenga 0522259
Red Embroidered Satin Lehenga

Red Embroidered Satin Lehenga

Red Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga 0522258
Red Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga

Red Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga

Maroon Hand Embroidered Net Lehenga 0522257
Maroon Hand Embroidered Net Lehenga

Maroon Hand Embroidered Net Lehenga

Coral Pink Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga

Coral Pink Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga

Peach Gota Patti Net Circular Lehenga 0522255
Peach Gota Patti Net Circular Lehenga

Peach Gota Patti Net Circular Lehenga

Maroon Embroidered Net A Line Lehenga 0522254
Maroon Embroidered Net A Line Lehenga

Maroon Embroidered Net A Line Lehenga

Red Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Red Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Red Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Red Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Maroon Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Maroon Embroidered Velvet Lehenga


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'Bridal Lehenga Choli' - Know Everything about this Fascinating Outfit?

Truly, Lehenga Choli is the most coveted ethnic outfit that girls desire for weddings and special days. The outfit delineates the elegance of Indian weddings and ethnic wear.     

Weddings are always special, and when it comes to Indian weddings, the bridal attire is incomplete without a gorgeous lehenga choli.

Not only in India but the bridal lehenga choli ­– the magnificent wedding wear – is celebrated all around the globe.

Lehenga Choli- A Walkthrough of the Indian Ethnic Wear

Lehenga choli is basically a gorgeous combination of a long, heavy-work skirt, matching or contrast blouse (choli), and a dupatta.

Often called Chaniya Choli or Ghagra Choli, the bridal lehenga is exceptionally famous in most parts of India, Pakistan, and other South Asian countries.   

Lehenga Choli is known by many names in different Indian regions, including Lehenga Choli in Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi, or Ghagra Choli in Gujarati & Kashmiri, or Langa Voni in Telugu and Kannada, or Lacha in Malayalam.      

The dazzling ensemble is made of expensive fabric, traditional or contemporary designs, embroidered with unique stones & crystals.    

Designers of this era, named Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherji, Neeta Lulla, Ritu Kumar, and many more, have taken lehenga choli design to a whole new level. Because of them there are some eye-catchy designs for every festival or occasion.

In most weddings, lehenga choli is the bride’s favorite attire to rejoice the big day with a celebrity style look. The attire adds splendid charisma to the occasion, making it the best day of the bride’s life.

When it is about Indian weddings, brides ask for nothing but perfection. And, this mesmerizing outfit offers an exotic appeal to the occasion. 

Beginning and Background

If there is anything that reminds you of the old day’s queens or the Mughal era, that’s lehenga choli. This bridal attire was even worn by the Mughal.

In the 10th century, lehenga choli was the everyday outfit for women in India. And, during the Mughal period, lehenga choli progressed as the royal attire, as it was worn by queens of that time.

The traditional form of lehenga and choli were cotton and no other fabric. But, during the Mughal rule - royal fabrics, silk, brocade, embroideries, stones, and crystals - were used to give it an exotic look.

Now, there are millions of bridal lehenga designs and styles available in the market.

The versions of this outfit undergo multiple transitions with occasions and time. These days, lehenga choli stitched with royal fabrics, silk, chiffon, velvet, cotton, and net are in trend.

Varieties of Lehenga Choli 

Lehenga or Ghagra is available in various styles and designs in India and all around the world; everywhere, Indians or Indian ethnic wear lovers reside.

The long skirt and blouse come in a variety, including embroidery, pleated, traditional embroidery pattern, gotta patti, and many more.

All these designs serve different occasions, festivals, and weddings.

Choli is worn as a blouse leaving the midriff and lower back part of the body bare. It looks stunning when dressed in contrast or matching, with the embroidered and stone embellished lehenga. 

Circular or Flared Lehenga

One of the most traditional bridal lehenga designs, and is still on the rise, with lots of flares and pleats are Flared Lehengas. This lehenga makes a broad flare, that’s why it is also called as a circular lehenga.

Most of the brides-to-be choose this style only for the big day. There come a multiple color combination and embroidery work to match today’s trend.

With matching jewelry, heavy-work lehenga, and contrast choli, the outfit looks a real fashion statement.    

A-Line Lehenga

When the talk is related to modern design lehengas, A-Line lehenga is probably the perfect answer.

This super-stylish lehenga is tighter on the waist and flared at the bottom. The lehenga has an A-line hem, which gives a glamorous look.

A-line lehenga goes well with modish choli designs. It is more of a plain style than flared, which is perfect for an ethnic look.

Straight Cut Lehenga

So, you wish for a lehenga with no flares? Well, a straight cut lehenga is an ultimate choice then.

The lehenga style is straight and simple with no flares at all. The skirt is usually long, but you can choose a shaped one for a chic look.

This goes well with every body type, as it is the simplest and stunning of all styles.

When wishing to flaunt your body curves, go for a straight cut lehenga, as it flows well on the body curves. 

Sharara Cut Lehenga

For those who love palazzos and pant style suits or dresses, Sharara cut would be the best choice.

The trend is more prevalent in Pakistan, as most Muslim brides love wearing long Kurtis (in place of choli).

Sharara cut lehenga is popular in India too, thanks to the evolving trend in Bollywood. Most celebrities wear such amazing designer clothing on their special days.

It is also famous by the name celebrity lehenga due to its heavy demand in Bollywood and fashion industry.

There comes a wide array of elegant styles and trendy designs in Sharara cut lehenga.

Lehenga with Jacket/ Jacket Style

It is the same style lehenga with a jacket to make it a little different. Jackets on any lehenga type add a royal look to the personality. Well, this is what you really want as a fashion statement.

These days, most brides choose jacket style lehenga, as it is more comfortable and stylish. You can add a flary look to the entire costume just with a jacket.

The jacket is not so tight on the top or bottom; instead, it’s long and covered in embroidery patterns or stones for a stylish look.

Lehenga can be velvet, silk, georgette, heavy-worked, fully-embroidered, or any rich fabric of your choice.

Whether you want a decent or a lively look, it’s all your choice.

Fishcut Lehenga/Mermaid Style

When searching for the classy and unique lehenga choli design, mermaid style would be preeminent of all options.

The fishtail style lehenga is perfect for flaunting body curves; that’s why it is the first choice for brides.

This lehenga shape is tight at the waist and hips, and then super flared till bottom.

You can match the choli and dupatta with lehenga embroidery, or it looks perfect without dupatta too.

Saree Style Lehenga or Half Saree 

The name defines it all; this lehenga is to give a saree look. And, yes, there is no need to tie a saree in the traditional way, which is quite a hassle.

Women in India love wearing a saree at ceremonial occasions or weddings.

And, what can be more astonishing than having an embroidered royal lehenga that gives saree look? Nothing!

The saree look comes when women drape dupatta like the traditional saree way. That’s why it is famed by the name half saree style lehenga.

Panelled Lehenga

For a stunning wedding look, panelled lehenga with royal fabric panels attached at the bottom. These panels are there to increase the volume of flares and give it a classy look.

The panels can be of heavy embroidered fabric, embellished stones, and crystals, contrasting fabrics (georgette, brocade, or new silk), or classic patterns to make the dress more fascinating.

It is one of the favorite outfit choices for traditional occasions and family functions.

Lehenga Choli in Modern Society

As said, the modern-day designers have taken this beautiful bridal attire at a whole new level.

There comes a myriad of bridal lehenga designs in the market. Some top designers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and other South Asian countries have made lehenga the eminent attire.

Top Designers from India:

  • Manish Malhotra
  • Sabyasachi Mukherji
  • Neeta Lulla
  • Ritu Kumar, and more

Top Designers from Pakistan:

  • Umar Sayeed
  • Nomi Ansari
  • Deepak Perwani
  • Maria B, and more

Well, in most of the South Asian countries, lehengas made by these designers are celebrated for all occasions. However, there are many lehenga designers from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, and other nations too.

Impact of Bollywood and Celebrities

India being the land of festivals and continuous occasions, dressing here has become more of a trend than anything.

And, Bollywood and celebrities have played a considerable role in this lehenga evolution. Actresses, Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, and many more on the list, have made lehenga a stylish attire to wear on the big day.

Now, most of the girls desire to wear lehenga like their favorite actor from the big screen. These celebs mark an enormous impact on the fashion industry by wearing the designer lehengas from top designers.

Now, it is more of a branded wedding wear than traditional ethnic wear.

And, yes, most brides-to-be follow the top-of-the-line celebs and designers to make their big day special.

Thanks to Bollywood and top celebrities, Indian ethnic wear has gained enough popularity in the entire world.

How Much Does a Lehenga Choli Ensemble Cost?

Truth be told, the overall cost of a lehenga choli can be anywhere from INR 10,000 to INR 10,000,00 or even more.

The overall bridal lehenga cost depends on many factors, such as fabric, weight, design, theme, embroidery, motif, embellishments, and more. And, if you chose a branded or designer lehenga, then it is already costly.

So, there is a need to prepare a budget before heading to bridal shopping.

Also, the lehenga choli is available in multiple tailoring options, including readymade, custom made, stitched, semi-stitched, un-stitched, or more.

It all depends on the store, brand, designer, or variety that you choose.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bridal Lehenga-Choli

Selecting a bridal lehenga can sometimes be challenging, all due to the increasing styles and varieties.

But, you can make it easy by following the simple guidelines list.

Here we go! 


This might be the first thing to strike your mind when choosing a lehenga. It’s because there come millions of lehenga-choli options in the market.

And, picking your favorite fabric from the bunch can be intricate. These are the fabrics you can choose from:

  • Brocade
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Velvet
  • Georgette
  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Net
  • Chanderi, and more


Color selection is the hottest discussion during the wedding for all brides. Well, there is not-so-huge color selection for the bride; still there are many to make the matter complex.

And, yes, each bridal lehenga color reveals something. So, make a choice wisely!

These are some of the color choices, just for a little help:

  • Red Bridal Lehenga

It reveals the self-confident and jolly personality of the bride. Women choosing red bridal lehenga are passionate, lively, and joyful.  

  • Orange Bridal Lehenga

Many girls choose this color to reveal their fun-loving nature. Brides going for this color love to enjoy and cherish every moment of life. 

  • Purple Bridal Lehenga

Brides wearing purple bridal lehenga are brave enough to tackle life challenges. It reveals the daring side of women. 

  • Pink Bridal Lehenga

Pink is the color of love, and most brides choose this color to give a girl shade to the outfit. Most brides choose this to expose their passionate side. 

  • Green Bridal Lehenga

This color is for girls who love to stay in the limelight. And, green lehenga depicts a unique personality on its own. 

Style and Design

Finding a perfect style and design can be confusing!

Millions of bridal lehenga styles and designs are getting the limelight daily. So, deciding a style is not less than a challenge.

There is plenty to choose from:

  • A-line Lehenga
  • Lehenga with Jacket/Jacket Style
  • Flared lehenga/Broad Fared/Circular Flared Lehenga
  • Mermaid/Fishtail Style Lehenga
  • Panelled Lehenga
  • Sharara Lehenga
  • Straight Cut Lehenga
  • Saree Style Lehenga
  • Indo-Western Lehenga
  • Traditional Style, and many more


Lehenga Choli styles and varieties continue to evolve. And, with that increases the overall bridal lehenga cost of trending styles, which carries full power to harm your budget.

So, before picking the lehenga for your choice, make sure to prepare a budget.

There are multiple versions of the lehenga choli available in different silhouette or style. And, these can cost you anything from 10,000 to 10, 000, 00 INR.

So, to avoid those surprise bills, ensure to get familiar with the price tags before making the deal. 

You can buy this gorgeous attire from any renowned bridal lehenga online store or choose a designer to design one for you.

There are numerous designer online stores in India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Asia, and everywhere.

In the Nutshell

All in all, bridal lehenga needs to be very special to attract someone's attention. The bride is the queen of that day, and she has to look and feel special.

And, only a carefully designed and crafted lehenga made of best fabric, color, embroidery and embellisments is a thing of beauty. 

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