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There is no outfit that is equivalent to the elegance of an Indian saree. Since centuries, sarees has been consumed in various parts of India in various styles. Saree is a well known traditional outfit for Indian women. Find all types of saree designs like designer sarees, wedding sarees, bridal sarees, printed sarees in a variety of fabrics like pure silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet, crepe, brocade, satin, cotton, khadi, jute and much more. Online saree shopping at Gravity Fashion is safe. Buy Indian Sarees Online with stitching options that suit you.

You might have been wearing a saree for a long time or looking to buy a sari online, but you might not know when saree came into existence.
Our team has done an extensive research about saree and written an epic story of saree and 100 celebrities who wear sarees.

Pink festival saree
Pink Banarasi Silk Designer Saree sku:518665 New!

Pink Banarasi Silk Designer Saree...

Pista Green self weaving sadi
Pista Green Banarasi Silk Designer Saree sku:518664 New!

Pista Green Banarasi Silk Designer...

orange banarasi silk saree
Orange Banarasi Silk Designer Saree sku:518663 New!

Orange Banarasi Silk Designer Saree...

Green mehendi ceremony sadi
Green Banarasi Silk Designer Saree sku:518662 New!

Green Banarasi Silk Designer Saree...

Light Green banarasi silk sadi
Light Green Banarasi Silk Designer Saree sku:518661 New!

Light Green Banarasi Silk Designer...

Dark Peach Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree sku:518710 New!

Dark Peach Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree...

Mustard Yellow Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree sku:518711 New!

Mustard Yellow Crepe Chiffon Printed...

Teal Blue Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree sku:518709 New!

Teal Blue Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree...

Magenta Pink Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree sku:518708 New!

Magenta Pink Crepe Chiffon Printed...

Multi colour Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree sku:518707 New!

Multi colour Crepe Chiffon Printed...

Grey Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree sku:518706 New!

Grey Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree...

Multi colour Crepe Chiffon Printed Saree sku:518705 New!

Multi colour Crepe Chiffon Printed...


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Why Buy Sarees at Gravity Fashion

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Gravity Fashion brings you a collection of Indian sarees including everyday use, party, festivals, weddings and special occasions. Sarees for sale at Gravity Fashion are of good quality and checked vigorously before it is shipped. We make sure you get sari as you see in pictures so that there are no surprises when you receive it.

Following are 5 great reasons to buy saree from Gravity Fashion

Stitching and customization:

  • Order saree with stitched or unstitched blouse.

  • Get your sari ready pleated so that you do not have to go through of hassle of making pleats.

  • Get your saree ready to wear, this means that the skirt part is made as skirt and pleats are already made. You can wear it as easily as a skirt.

Make to order

If you have an Idea about a saree that is not available anywhere, or you love a sari of celebrity, just contact us and we will come up with the process of making it and quote.

Check out our Haut Couture section for more details or contact us.

No Obligation Refunds

Please click here to read our flexible return and refund policy

A wide range of sarees from India:

You can buy cotton sarees, georgette sarees, chiffon sarees, georgette sarees for party, wedding, festivals or special occasions. Your can also get your saree custom made, why not go through a collection of 100 celebrities who wore sari. Sarees online shopping is easy with Gravity Fashion.

Worldwide shipping:

If you had done online shopping of sarees at Gravity Fashion we will deliver sarees to almost any city or town in the world. 

Standard shipping: Cheapest option for the middle east, the African continent, and far east countries. Usually, it takes 5-10 days to deliver once shipped.

DHL or Fedex: this could be cheapest & fastest option for US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada. Once shipped using these methods shipment is delivered in 3-5 working days. 

Brief History of saree

Saree is one of the oldest unstitched outfits survived over millennia and still popular. Also known as Sadi, Sari, Shari, Sattika (in Sanskrit) or Jatakas (in Buddhism) is a four to nine meters long and a meter wide untailored cloth available in various colours, fabrics, designs and styles. Saree was not only a piece to cover the body but it also conveys a non-verbal communication to establish cultural background, position in society and strength.

As time has evolved saree has passed through thousands of years of research, fashion, traditions and cultural shift. Earliest sarees uses to be made of cotton and over time sarees are made in silk, net, banarsi silk, chiffon, georgette and a vast range of fabrics. We have done extensive research about sarees and written an epic story of saree.

Buy sarees online - Gravity Fashion is a trusted and authentic store since 2010.

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