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Ready Pleated Sarees

It takes just a few minutes to slip into ready pleated sarees other than regular sarees. With ready pleated saree (also known as automatic saree) you can avoid the process of pleating. We can stitch any saree as a readypleated saree for you. So order your favourite saree now and get it pre-stitched at less. Custom stitched pre pleated sarees at Gravity fashion.

Following are few ready to wear sarees.

Note: You can get any sarees turned into Ready Pleated Saree or Automatic Saree. Contact us for more information or any assistance you need.

Orange Floral embroidered sari
Orange Floral embroidered party wear saree for new brides

Orange Floral embroidered party wear...


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ready pleated saree

Tired of forming the pleats all the time of your usual saree? Want to try something different, yet stylish? If yes, then get ready to walk in style with our latest collection of ready pleated sarees. These sarees are sure to transform you into a glamor goddess with their exquisite designs and vibrant patterns.

These ready pleated sarees are so popular that Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor's wax statue at Madame Tussauds had been re-styled with the actress giving her famous Ra.one famed 'Chammak Chalo' red color readymade saree. She said "I wanted my fans to see my figure in an outfit that was known and loved from one of my films, and my favorite outfit to wear out is a saree, so I jumped at the chance to redress my Madame Tussauds figure in one.

These ready pleated sarees only look great, it is easy to drape and save time as well. The vivid range of our latest design ready pleated sarees is most economically priced to suit even the lightest of pocket. So even if you are in no mood to spend high, you can celebrate your spirit and add to your style when you buy a ready pleated saree online at gravity fashion. Simple yet chic these readymade pleated sarees are meant for all occasions from casual to semi-formal to party wear to make you look your best on all occasions.

A riot of colors along with sparkling embellishments on finest georgette makes this range of saris absolutely perfect for parties. So buy the latest design ready pleated sarees online and get yourself the best in georgette to fulfill your party needs. Happy shopping at Gravity Fashion!

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